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This mod makes little changes to dialogues during various quests in hope of making Hawke's companions less antagonistic towards each Rother + less mean DLC follower banter. This is a reupload of my old mod because i accidentally deleted it

Permissions and credits
It is a reupload, no new changes because i don't mod DA2 anymore. If anyone wants feel free to modify this mod as long as i am credited for my work.

I've been using  the Less Uncomfortable Companion Banters mod by MagiMercer for some time and it made playing DA2 a lot more pleasurable but it only changes party banter so companions remain mean to each other in every other situation, so i decided to expand it a little and make a few small changes to dialogues during quests.

List of changes:

1) Aveline won't call Isabela whore during her Act 2 quest 'The Long Road':
- after Isabela says "Hold a moment. You're sweet on the boy." she will immediately speak her next line "Oh, this is glorious. All this flailing is her idea of courtship." without Aveline interrupting with "So help me, whore, I will break you." 
- Isabela and Aveline won’t fight when you choose "You've been alone this long?” after posting the duty roster, Isabela won’t say anything
(not compatible with mods that change the gen00fl_aveline.cnv file but i don't think there are any)

2) During Merrill's Act 2 quest 'Mirror Image':
-Fenris won't call Merrill a monster after killing the Varterral when she says:
'Pol...What was he thinking?...He acted like I was a monster...'
-Anders won't say this: 'Maybe he was thinking, "Aaah! Blood mage!" That seems the most likely scenario.'
(not compatible with mods that change the mrl210_merrill.cnv file)

During Fenris Act 3 quest 'Alone':
- Anders won't call Fenris a hypocrite when talking to Varania.
- after deciding what to do with Varania when Fenris says he is alone and Hawke tells him that he has friends Anders won't say that he isn't one of them
(not compatible with mods that change fen310_fenris.cnv and fen310_varania.cnv files; this IS compatible with algaeabomination's Fenris Dialogue Edit)

4) Fenris edit
- When you click on Fenris in The Hanged Man he will not tell Anders 'They let you in. It can't be that much better.'
    (this is not compatible with Fenris Dialogue Edit)

DLC follower banter:

Legacy (drk000_follower_banter.cnv)
Anders: When I left the Wardens, I swore I'd never spend another minute in the Deep Roads. (only this line stays, rest is deleted)
Fenris: "Left" sounds like it was a mutual arrangement.
Anders: Fine. I ran away. What's it to you?
Fenris: Ran away from the Circle, ran away from the Wardens... it sounds like a habit.
Anders: Running away from your family, straight to Danarius. Running away from Danarius, straight to Hawke.
Anders: And you ran away from Danarius.
Anders:  Maybe we're more alike than you think.
Varric: I've always said so.
I decided to combine this conversation with another one between them. Now it goes like this:
Anders: When I left the Wardens, I swore I'd never spend another minute in the Deep Roads. (added line, rest unchanged)
Fenris: You speak of disliking the Deep Roads a great deal. Why?
Anders: Besides the obvious, you mean?
Fenris: It's a dangerous place, but less so for a Grey Warden.
Anders: Darkspawn this, darkspawn that. Taint taint taint taint taint.
Anders: After a while, you just get so tired of it, you know?
Fenris: I... do now.
2) No more Fenris/Isabela. Deleted banters:
Isabela: So, when we get back to the city, do you...?
Fenris: Not in front of everyone, if you please.
Isabela: And he blushes! So cute!
Varric: So, elf, what's this I've been hearing about you and the Rivaini?
Fenris: None of your business, dwarf.
Varric: Just be careful. I get the impression that Isabela's break ups turn into bloodbaths.
Isabela: That's part of the fun.
3) Deleted:
Fenris: Still not an abomination, I see.
Merrill: Well, let's take a look. Not insane. Not deformed. Not attacking everyone.
Merrill: No, I think I'm still good!
Fenris: Such a relief.
4) Deleted lines when Anders is hearing voices: (drk000_anders.cnv)
Fenris: The abomination's hearing voices. How unexpected.
Fenris: He'll kill us all if he allows his insanity to take him!
5) Deleted:
Isabela: I spy with my little eye, something that is... red. And socially uncomfortable.
Aveline: Ugh.
Isabela: No guesses? It starts with A.
Aveline: Shut up.
Isabela: Ooh, my mistake. It starts with such a B.
Aveline: Time and a place, Isabela. No games when we're this deep in a mess.
Isabela: Fine. Gone from B to a real C, anyway.

6) first part of this banter will play:
Aveline mentions a demonstration Isabela put in Viscount's Keep, then will say "I will also no longer judge you for your... choices. I will make a concerted attempt to be understanding." and then it ends, i left it so they talk at least once. Deleted:
Isabela: What? Does this mean you'll no longer call me a whore.
Aveline: As you so rightly pointed out, whores accept gold for services rendered. You do not.
Isabela: But...
Aveline: Poxy tart. (Laughs) Had you there.
Mark of the Assassin (eye000_follower_banter)
1) Deleted:
Anders: Maybe you should join the Qun, Fenris.
Fenris: We could go together. I'd be happy to sew your mouth shut.
2) Deleted:
Anders: Do the Dalish ever have fancy parties?
Anders: I always imagined they celebrated most big occasions by eating mushrooms and acorns. And maybe dancing naked around a campfire.
Merrill: You know, I was wondering when the naked dancing was going to start. And the human sacrifice.
Merrill: I mean, you just can't throw a decent party without kidnapping a human child and offering her entrails to the sky gods.
Anders: Really?
Merrill: No.
Isabela: Imagine going to one of those Orlesian parties. I'd feel underdressed. (this one plays, only this one)
Aveline: (Scoffs) Undressed, you mean.
Isabela: Well, I don't need to hide from the world by encasing myself in steel up to my eyebrows.
Aveline: Right, let it all hang out so everyone knows what they're getting.
Hawke: Can't you two just get along?
Aveline: This is us getting along. Isn't that right, whore? 
Hawke: Catfight? Catfight!
Aveline: We're not fighting. Isn't that right, whore?
Hawke: If you can't get along, stop talking to each other.
Aveline: This is us getting along. Isn't that right, whore?
Isabela: That's right, man-chin.
(removed randomised insults)
Aveline: See? We love each other.
On request added an edit of the main game follower banter. It removes much less content than MagiMercer's mod (that's why i recommend using that mod instead of this one, it's much better!!).
Most of the act 1 banter was left unchanged (Hawke's friends don't know each other that well yet so there will be arguing).
* in most of the conversations between Sebastian and Fenris the lines regarding Fenris believing in the Maker and those where Seb tells him that Maker helped him escape are removed
* no more Fenris/Isabela (sorry, not a fan)
* Anders and Fenris are less mean to Merrill
* Aveline doesn't call Isabela a whore/slattern (but i'm not sure if i removed all of it).
List of all the changes is included in the file (with some of my notes, i was too lazy to remove them)
Big thanks to:
magpiedragon for DA2 DLC filenames for pyGFF
and starrarte (sapphim) for dialogue modding tutorial
without them this mod would never exist.
Thank You!!