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Equips Hayder with his unique sword model when you meet him in the Chantry.

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Hayder might not be the most memorable Act 1 boss, but his sword sure is--seeing as it popped up both as a downloadable item for DA2 and as a rare loot drop in Inquisition. It loses its flair slightly when you realize he never actually uses it in his brief appearance (because rushed game and NPC props being depressingly one-note when it comes to actual weapon aesthetics). Given that the sword model is present and waiting in the game files, I decided to fix that.

Do you need the DLC to use this mod? No, but without it you're kind of doing the immersion thing backwards.

What this mod does: Equips Hayder with his unique sword, Hayder's Razor, for your first and last meeting with him.

What this mod does not do: Give you Hayder's Razor. Sorry. Not mine to give.

Just unzip and drop the erf into your override for a more immersive first fight with Isabela.