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Replaces the shemlen nonsense the Dalish are carrying with the Origins-established Dalish models.

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In many ways, DA2 offers an amazing step up when it comes to the Dalish feeling like a distinct nonhuman culture. This is quickly undone for me by the fact that they all have generic human NPC swords, daggers, and a random mace and non-Dalish axe strapped to their backs. Those shields will only carry my suspension of belief so far.

Enter me, extracting all the Dalish uti files I could find, looking at their weapons, and getting to work.

Fun fact about NPCs in Dragon Age 2: none of their weapons have (nor does it seem they are allowed to have) any stats. There are maybe four longswords that get reused for every longsword-wielding background character. So I created new no-stat weapons using the Dalish models and just equipped them appropriately. For good measure, this includes their bows, which I tried to match to the longbow and shortbow models encountered in the Dalish Origin.

Fenarel still keeps his axe, it just now uses the Dal'Thanu model as established in Origins (reused for the not-actually-implemented-in-the-base-game Cammer's Reach). That one apprentice with the mace also gets an axe, because the mace was just a weird choice for a group of hunters and craftspeople.

Packed in an erf because it's less cluttered that way. Unless a mod alters non-mage Dalish characters' equipment, it should work fine.

Optionally, there's also a download that swaps the models of the generic longswords and daggers from Illen's supply to be Dar'Misaan and Dar'Misu, with those terms replacing dagger and sword cos we're on their turf.

Update (07 March 2022): This includes the Dalish Shortbows, which now use the Dalish Scout Bow model seen in Origins.
Update (10 March 2022): Vinell and Variel now included. Vinell also now has the correct AI pack and, should you slaughter the Dalish, will attack with magic instead of trying to stab you.
Update (12 March 2022): The Dalish from Zathrian's clan, as well as any generic Dalish that show up if you go the murderous route, now wield the correct weapons.
Update (06 April 2022): Added a separate download with the missing utc from the Templar vs Dalish encounter.

To use, just extract from the zipped folder and drop into your override folder.