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Retexture of the male elven apostate robes, a new robe model for Marethari, and a conversion of KittenTails' lovely "Witch Robe Retexture".

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The Chasind tittyrobes were by far the worst robes in DAO, so of course they're used for elven apostate mages in DA2.  These are simple retextures, done for EM by me; and for EF, a conversion of KittenTail's DAO mod "Witch Robe Retexture", which I love so much. <3

I've also ported the DAI multiplayer "High Keeper's Tunic" for EF, pretty much just to get Marethari into a Dalish-looking outfit.  It's formatted to be the female counterpart for the EM-only appD robes.  File included to put it on Marethari.

Optional - Enchanter Merrill: replaces Merrill's default outfit with the enchanter model. Works with or without the retexture. :)

Thanks to KittenTails for her great mod!