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Different options for tweaking the treasure system, as well as a couple small bugfixes.

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Bugfixes first:  the tables for the "Kirkwall" drops were formatted differently than the rest of the factional treasure tables, causing those armors and weapons to never show up.  This mostly seems to affect a few merchants, like Vincento and Magus Tavarin Hall, as well as a few containers. 
TS_category (the table that controls treasure drops) had the "Beasts" faction set to drop equipment 25% of the time.  Problem is, there are no equipment treasure tables for beasts.  So, I set that chance to 0.  This should marginally increase the amount of junk dropped by beasts.  
Both of these fixes can be installed with or without one of the configs below.

Treasure System Configurations (or: Choose Your Own Treasure):  Some changes to the treasure tables to meet your playstyle and needs.  Only one can be installed at a time, but you can remove or swap them at any time.
--More Warrior stuff!  The equipment drop chances are increased for those factions that drop the most warrior stuff (raiders, templars, etc)
--More Rogue stuff!  Same thing, but for rogue-heavy factions (Coterie, Dwarves, raiders)
--More Mage stuff!  Same thing again, but for mage-heavy factions (apostates, slavers, Qunari)
--More Equipment!  Equipment drop chances are doubled for all factions.
--More Money!  Coin drop amounts are doubled (this will probably be a bit un-balancing, especially in the early game when Hawke is scrambling for cash, but whatever. :p  )
--More Everything!!!!  Yeah!  Have fun!

Internal stuff:  Treasure is controlled at least partially by RNG, so it's never guaranteed.  The game first checks if treasure will drop, and if it does, most enemies and containers then have a 25% chance of dropping equipment (armor, weapons, or accessories).  This mod does nothing to that first check; it only increases the chance of equipment dropping (instead of "junk") once the game has determined you do get treasure.   
Additionally, only the "generic" faction drops loot for all classes; other factions only drop loot for one or two classes (Templars will never drop mage equipment, for instance).  I have done nothing to change this. 
The game also seems to weight armor drops to whatever Hawke's class is, but without access to the scripts, I can't know for sure.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯