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Changes the appearance of the looted and unique Qunari equipment to those from DAI.

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Probably silly, but the few Qunari armors & weapons you can get (Bassrath-Kata, Chains of the Vaarad, etc) mostly just look like every other bit of loot, and that makes me sad.
So, I ported Qunari models from DAI to use instead.  

Light armors use the Antaam-saar models and heavy armors use the Shokra-taar (Arishok) models.  Medium armors use NPC models (which are more armored versions of the Antaam-saar). 
There are two options for the masks: as part of the chestpiece mesh, or cobbled together with a headpiece.  Make sure to only install one!

The HM body is vanilla, and will be affected by any retextures of the base underwear body (in my screenshots is Tummy_Za's Hairy Male Topless). 
The HF body is from Natural Bodies for DA2 because it has open perms and no horrible unavoidable 4-way seam at the base of the sternum.  So, giant thanks to NewByPower and Thor925 for the original mod, and to dunmr for converting it for DA2!  <3

I discovered after I was mostly done that Anshela had already ported the HF Antaam-saar as part of her Odds and Ends.  So, if you want it as a stand-alone, definitely go for hers!   

As for the weapons, there are already Qunari models for staves, greatswords, greataxes, and longswords.  I have imported a new model for Qunari daggers, longbows, & mauls, and chopped up the greataxe for a new axe model.

Optional addon -- there is only one Qunari rogue armor piece in-game, and two rogue weapons, so I've expanded the treasure tables with new Qunari armors and weapons.

Massive thanks to the makers of the Blender import and export scripts, as well as DirectXTex texconv.  <3