Dragon Age 2
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Gives Mother Petrice in Act 2 and 3 Inquisition robes to signify her position in the Chantry

Permissions and credits
Mother Petrice

Ports the pantsuit Chantry Mother mesh over into Inquisition for Petrice's use.

This will only affect Petrice in the second and third act. Created a new headmesh to be used with this to avoid hair clipping. 

For other's modder's use; GDA Number: 7387423


Open the attached .7z file and extract the file ""Mother Petrice" to the following location:

C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override\

(this is the default location, if you have it in a different place, put the file wherever you keep your override) 

That's it! 


Bioware for assets and for allowing us to port between games and for keeping their bone structure almost entirely the same between games. 

ellia for helping me and being patient while I troubleshoot Blender (I'm a max guy)
syrnik for also helping me troubleshoot the eyes! 
Makacha for her modified Blender export script 
NoiraFayn for support and amazing assistance in troubleshooting
tmp7704 for the Lightwave import/export script
QuenchedSteel for the Blender export script