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a quick update on varric's look

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Whoo, okay, this has been a while in the making. I've always wanted to give Varric some standalone armors from DAI, but have never been able to due to the export script not quite working for DM. Makacha made a script that worked out with minor issues, and to save a long story, I've gotten some good use out of it. So, here's some things for Varric!

There are two separate armor options - an armored chest version, and one with a scarf but open chest. The scarf is there because of a neck gap I couldn't quite fix that was.... rather unsightly, so the scarf is a temporary fix until I feel up to the task of fixing. There is also an option to give him his hairstyle from DAI - if you don't use this, his vanilla earrings will look a little weird, but it's not necessary.


Drop your choice of erf(s) into override folder. That's it!


You can do what you like as far as retextures. I'm not at liberty to hand out the script, so mesh reworking is likely out of the question.
Makacha deserves lots of credit and definitely deserves your kudos for letting me use the dm export script they did. They also have a Varric armor they did that if they release, I'll link here, bc it is awesome.