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a pack of complexions

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This is a pack of complexions I've been working on for the last two days instead of sleeping. There's 12 complexions in all. I used complexions by Ascendia and Ellise as well as Avallonkao to achieve what I wanted, and I think they turned out very nicely, so I am sharing them.


Drop the erf and the chargenmorph folder into your override folder, then either compile your chargenmorph with the compiler or compile it manually (not as hard as it looks I promise :D)

Boot up the game and the complexions should be RIGHT there. Let me know if there's any issues!


Ascendia - for her handpainted skin textures from the wonderful Female Complexions - WIP - mod
Ellise - for the original Morrigan complexion texture, and the Unique Complexions mod. An absolutely blessed modder.
boobookitee - for the eyebrowless Morrigan face texture from Ellise's 4k Companion Textures for The Inquisitor. An excellent mod I'm enjoying right now!
washburned - it turns out i actually used THEIR version of the complexion for many of these, so, credit where credit is due, and they are okay with it. Thank you so much (and also for the great mod, and for letting me know about my error!)
Avallonkao - I would give a shout regardless, but I used his complexions from the Ultimate HD mod as a jumping point for how to do mine. Although no assets were included from his mod, he still deserves praise for being absolutely a sweetheart and an amazing modder. If you get a chance, check out the Reimagining mod!
Korikoc - for the eye retexture. I'm still working on porting over the hairs and another outfit, but I figured I'd finally release this eye retexture under here, since I really love how it looks!

So long as the above are okay with it, you 100% have my permission to reuse these complexions (and you can use the eye tints as well, I grant permission for that) in companion mods, new presets, etc EXCEPT FOR WHITEWASHING MODS. If it's a white Isabela or Sebastian, no, do not, please. The others may not have these issues (I do not know them so cannot speak for them), but I personally am against it and have to ask you respect my efforts and just don't.

If you use this mod, PLEASE send in some screenshots of your Hawke/companions/whomever using it. Like, PLEASE I would love to see your characters using these!