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Recolor of vaelsmod's Ruushes Isabela to match their Isabela's Curly Hair with Hat mod.

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Ruushes Isabela Recolor

What this mod does

Recolors the coat of vaelsmod's Ruushes Isabela armor to match their Isabela's Curly Hair with Hat mod. Yepp, that's it. I absolutely adore both mods, but it bothered me that they weren't the same color... I'm just weird that way. Since vaelsmod was kind enough to grant permission to edit his work, I'm sharing this with you as well! I hope you enjoy!

There are two versions:

  • Red coat with light necklace (original necklace color)
  • Red coat with gold necklace

See pics for comparison!


Unzip and drop the .erf file into your Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override folder. Only use one version at a time!


Simply delete the file.


Ruushes for the original design
vaelsmod for actually putting it together
If you like this mod, go and give them love, they did all the hard work!

Other mods shown in the pictures

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Programs used

pyGFF editor
Erf Packager
Gimp 2

Provided that I don't forget to check the comments, I accept requests for other colors.
Endorsements and pictures are appreciated! :)