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Makes the default unequipped weapons invisible.

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-- Update, August 31, 2018 --
* Added a pic for the bow.
* Added the quivers optional download. Unlike the bow+quiver combo model that DAI uses (allowing both to be invisible by editing the bow model), the DA2 quivers are a separate static item. Making this invisible requires editing all of the quivers in the game, rendering them constantly invisible. I provide these quivers as an optional download for those who want to use them. Keep in mind that quivers will not show, even with a bow equipped, as shown in the pics. In addition, no archer NPCs will have quivers.

-- Description --

As with my DAI mod of the same name, this makes all of the default weapons, seen even when you have unequipped your standard weapons, invisible. You are still able to attack things, you just can't see the weapons.

-- Installation --
Unzip and drop the folder into your override folder.

-- Un-installation --
Delete the folder from override.