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DAI's dragons weapons for DA2

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These are the Dragon weapons from DAI into DA2. Some are a little OP. Some are not. Some have fire effects and some have electric. I will be updating them all to be on the same level of power + fire soon, but for now I am satisfied with the fact that I finally got them working :'D

Also lmk if they're grey in Dx9 as it's been forever since I touched these and ICR if I made them Dx9 friendly.

Update 7/11/2018: Fixed the staves so they were no longer locked to Bethany, added unique icons, added electricity damage for the Celene staff and nerfed the maul just a bit.


This is a glowing retexture of:

  • the Staff of Parthalan to be red glow, similar to Monoglow Weapons except I wanted red.
  • Vigilance, to be higher quality.
  • Jarvia's Shank and Beraht's Revenge, to be higher quality
  • Staff of Violation to be, you guessed it, nicer quality
  • The Empress' Point. Now pointier.
  • Malcolm's Bequest to... need I say it? Also this replaces the mesh so yay! Bit brighter on the lower half of the stave than I'd like but oh well
  • Royeux One and Two (not pictured), the Wailer (pictured sort of) and Ream-Ward (pictured with the addition of monoglow weapons' glow, which you can use with this... just keep this named as is)
  • Longbow of the Avvaars so Sebastian can protect his stupidly pretty face in higher quality
  • Hawke's Keys! Except for the great sword, which for some stupid reason didn't have a higher rez texture in DAI. :I


Drop the erf(s) of your choosing into packages/core/override.

To obtain the Dragon weapons, open the console and enter 'runscript weps_dragon'
To obtain Vigilance, open the console and enter 'runscript vigilance'
To obtain Parthalan, Jarvia's Shank and Beraht's Revenge you MUST have the respective packs installed. I MAY make standalone versions based on these weapons, but they will not be the same stats. Also, there's no code for them; you can get them using VADDI or the additem console.


DAI for the textures
Do what you like with these because I will not be fielding requests