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Tallis and Isabela standalones for fHawke (and one for mHawke)

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Isabela and Tallis Standalones

These are standalone armors of Isabela's DAI outfits, and Tallis' MotA outfits. They are for fHawke only, with the exception of 'Isabela's Coat' which had a male model version in the game files. They will not conflict with or borrow textures from any pre-existing Tallis or Isabela mod, as the outfits are entirely standalone.


Drop the erfs of your choice into packages/core/override.

To get the Isabela outfits, open the console and enter 'runscript isabela'.
To get the Tallis outfits, open the console and enter 'runscript tallis'.

They are a little overpowered because I made them on a whim and I am not interested in editing them much. I also will not be making Isabela replacers because I have made enough Isabela replacers and may even make more down the road, who knows.

Additionally the 'base' Tallis armor is a little more... buxom than I intended, due to not paying much attention to how I adjusted model size. I MAY fix this in the future, but for now I don't have a problem with it, so /shrugs. Also, these MIGHT not work in Dx9, if they're grey I am sorry - lmk and I will eventually get around to fixing that, but it's not really a priority right now :'D I apologize!


Gold texture is from yifalchunbee's amazing Pure Elven Tallis, which I highly recommend as the best Tallis mod out there.
Coat texture for the Open Coat and Isabela's Coat are from sapphim's absolutely wonderful Admiral's Coat for DAO.
Basebodies for the Isabela Standalone Open Coat and Threads are from Thor925's TnT meshes.
Hair is by Leahlilith and will not be released (She stated somewhere on her blog that personal conversions are fine IIRC, but if I'm wrong I'll obviously remove it from my files).