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changes anders... a lot.

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This mod came at the request of a friend, and is based off of this art. It's currently wip-ish - I'm happy with his face, but I feel some further alterations could be made, so I'm offering it up to those who want it.

The texture files are optional if you have a modded armor, but necessary if you're using his vanilla armor, to ensure that his hands will tint. (Note that I can't alter other modded armors unless they have free-to-reuse perms). These texture edits edit the specular map and tint map so his hands tint with his body properly, and so they aren't shiny and miscolored (the vanilla spec map left his hands mottled with green and purple blotches). This should, however, be compatible with the Armor portions of the Anders Automatic Romance Armors, and is compatible with Anders HD.

Edit: Apparently not compatible with AARA, however a compatible version is in the works! Hope to have it out soon~



Drop your chosen erf into your override. There's two flavors, one with dark brown eyes (pictured) and one with vanilla amber eyes. 


These use assets from free to use mods which are
Honestrope's Natural Skin
Ellise's Unique Complexions
My own Pretty Eyes, dark brown eye tint

These also use a hairstyle from Tight Curls, which I have permission to port and hope to have ported to DA2 for chara use soon :D


You are free to reuse and edit this mod as much as you like, though you need the original maker of Tight Curls' permission to release any edits to the hair. I've also included the .mop as an optional download if you'd like to edit any part of his face to your liking, or would like to use his face for your own character creation adventures.