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Restores and adds some items to the game.

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Unobtainable items fix


This mod restores numerous items that became unobtainable after the game was patched. It also adds a few items that have never been implemented.

Items added in version 1.2

The axe "Cammer's Reach" will be lootable from a refugee's corpse located next to a locked chest and two dead bodies.

Act 1
The Deep Roads Expedition: The Ancient Rock Wraith will now drop the Champion's Warstaff in addition to vanilla generated items. Don't forget to loot its corpse!

Act 3:
Upon entering Hawke's estate for the first time: the amulet "White Scapular of the Defender" will be delivered as originally intented, by reading the letter written by Gascard (if he's still alive).

List of changes (version 1.0)

Act 1:

- Shepherding Wolves: the belt "Handlers' Whip" is lootable from Arvaarad's corpse, as originally intended.
- Bait and Switch: the greatsword "Ream ward" is now lootable from the corpse of the woman leading the tevinter hunters ambush.
- Added the following unused items to a new chest located in Lirene's Fereldan Imports :
  * Reforged Hossberg Twainer (2H axe)
  * Qunari War Boots
  * Elixir of the Ages (a potion giving +2000 XP to all party members)
  * Elixir of the Mortal Vessel (a potion giving anyone +1 attribute points)
  * Blemished (staff, only delivered if Hawke is a mage)
  * Blemished Dagger (only delivered if Hawke is a rogue)
  * Renegade's Ruin (bow, only delivered if Hawke is a rogue)
  * Dark Shield (only delivered if Hawke is a warrior)

Act 2:

- Bounty Hunter: the medium helmet "Blackguard Shroud" is lootable from Jake the Black's corpse, as originally intended.
- Bounty Hunter: the plot item "Goosegirl Cameo" is lootable again from Heborah de Soliere's corpse.
- Added the following unused items to the chest located in Lirene's Fereldan Imports :
  * Wintersbreath (staff)
  * Shadow's reach (chestpiece)
  * Quickstring's Tunic (chestpiece)
  * Celestial rune (removes attribute requirements from the armour it's applied to)
  * Tome of the Mortal Vessel (a tome giving Hawke +1 attribute points)
  * Maker's Breath (a potion giving +1 level for all party members)

Act 3:

- On the Loose: restored a reward (Filigreed Orlesian Pendant) and a letter written by Emile de Launcet if you let him go.
- On the Loose: the belt "Fereldan Circle Sash" is lootable again from Evelina's corpse.
- No Rest for the Wicked: the medium chestpiece "Cuirass of the Winds" is lootable again from Castillon's corpse.
- Added the following unused items to the chest located in Lirene's Fereldan Imports :
  * Vigilance (2H sword)
  * Smooth Rasp (sword)
  * Ragged Edge (dagger)
  * Disciple's Blade (dagger)
  * The Sylvan's Heart (staff)
  * Blackfeather Boots
  * Boots of Freemarching
  * Deepstalker's belt
  * Arcane Elixir of the Mortal Vessel (a potion giving anyone +3 attribute points)


- The Exiled Prince: added the twilight belt as a reward for completing Sebastian's personnal quest "Repentance".
- Mark of the Assassin : if Merrill is in the party, the amulet "Blood of Val Foret" will be lootable from the corpse of the first rune golem you kill in The Vaults.
- Legacy: the ring "The Skylark's Golden Ring" is lootable again from Janeka's corpse.
- Legacy: the ring "The Skylark's Golden Ring" is lootable again from Larius' corpse.
- Legacy: added the shield "Wardens' Secret" to the items dropped by Gerav.
- Legacy: added the belt "Buckled Cinch of the Imperium" to the items dropped by Corypheus.
- Legacy: restored a note/codex entry (available in all languages) that acts, more or less, as a link to Inquisition.
The note will appear on the desk in Hawke's bedroom after having played Legacy. It will have additional content if you brought Anders along and if your sibling is a warden.  It will only be available if you play the DLC before the quest "best served cold" (act 3) because Samson -who is referred to in Hawke's diary- will disappear afterwards. If you play Legacy during act 1, you'll get the note in act 2 when you enter the estate for the first time, as Hawke didn't kept a diary while living in Gamlen's house.

Pick and unzip the files you need, then drop the extracted folder(s) into your override directory (C:\...\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override).
The mod can be installed at any time but it'll work better with a new game, as some items might not be delivered otherwise.


Remove the folder(s) from your override directory.

This mod is not compatible with any other mod altering the following files :

- dre180cr_rock_wraith.utc
- drk000cr_corypheus.utc
- drk000cr_janeka.utc
- drk000cr_larius.utc
- drk200cr_gerav.utc
- eye450cr_rune_golem.utc
- fen110cr_hunter_1.utc
- gen_im_wep_war_one_act0_04.uti
- isa311cr_castillon.utc
- lgt220cr_mag_apost_apost1.utc
- lgt220cr_mag_apost_apost3.utc
- mag330cr_evelina.utc
- plt_cod_itm_necklace.plo
- plt_cod_ltr_journal.plo
- plt_cod_ltr_sk_gascard.plo
- plt_mag320pt_otl_emile.plo
- qun131cr_taskmaster.utc
- rewards.gda (will only conflict if entry 800220 is modified)


A huge thank you to Sapphim/Starrarte and to QuenchedSteel for giving me permission to re-use their code and for having included the source files in their works, it helped me a lot to make this mod. More detailed credits can be found in the .nss files.