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Changes Orana's face to better reflect her being Tevene (and removes her strong makeup).

Permissions and credits
was inspired by this to make a visibly desi Orana! she also has eyebrows now. presumably the dread wolf stole them last time.

What It Does
: Changes Orana's face to better reflect her being Tevene, and removes her strong makeup.

How to Install
: Download the file, then unzip it. Drag and drop the erf file into your override folder (usually at Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override). 
To uninstall, simply remove (delete or move elsewhere) from override. :)

: Unfortunately I cannot provide personal help due to bad anxiety and general incompetence, but try checking for other mods that alter Orana's appearance (such as other no makeup Orana mods, or mods changing the appearance of various NPCs), as these may conflict. Otherwise, you may have to look elsewhere for help. Sorry...

Updates Planned: None at the moment.

(Eventually want to overhaul Orana's... well, everything - so she can successfully start a new life without consequence (maybe send you a letter in Act 3 like Pryce) or room in the estate without being a child servant (seriously wtf bioware) - but this is currently beyond my modding capabilities. Will link here if/when finished.)

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Special Thanks
  • thecheshirecass for the inspiration
  • The DAO/2 Mod Squad, who run basically the best helpdesk/resource compilation ever made, and to whom I owe the ability to mod anything. (maybe "ability" is an exaggeration, but.)
  • vaelsmod in particular for the amazing Creating a Custom Hawke Family tutorial, which taught me how to edit mors - if you want to make something like this, check it out!

Permissions: Use and redistribute as you please, no credit needed! :)
(en lieu of credit, however, i'd happily accept thanks in the form of gently correcting your friends who say "chai tea." :P)