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Ferelden Fashion Vol II babey

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Hello, and welcome to Ferelden Fashion Vol II!! I decided to make a new mod instead of update the other one, due to worries about clutter and mess Any future companion updates will be hosted over here as well (Including an Isabela fix, Aveline, etc). This is basically the same premise - bringing nice armors from DAI and even DAI mods into DA2 to revitalize the look of the game a bit.


NOBLES - These replace the outfits the nobles wear. The textures come from DaedricSaber1701's Dress Up, Dress Down, ShepShy's Lace Pajamas and jacknifelee's Exquisition. Both Dress Up, Dress Down and Exquisition have free-to-port/reuse perms included, though obviously if the mod authors decide they don't like my use of it they're free to ask me to take them down. Available are both male and female nobles, with newer textures for the ladies, as well as the option to pick and choose between which outfits you want to replace.

STARTING GEAR - This is brand new starting gear, not replacers; they also come with codes in order for you to add the outfits to your inventory, if you so desire.

GUARDS - the Kirkwall Guard is now outfitted in nice new armors that include the seal of Kirkwall on them. Aveline update not included - yet.

CHANTRY - The Chantry outfits get an update to look more like their DAI counterparts, including a special outfit for Elthina (provided you haven't already met her in-game - otherwise she'll have the vanilla outfit!)

VISCOUNT -  an update to his robes, using a near-identical but significantly nicer DAI model.

ALISTAIR - Alistair now standalone in his king outfit!

Updates to come will include the Templars (including a standalone variant), Aveline, peasant ladies and elfs, and the Dalish!


DaedricSaber1701 for Dress Up, Dress Down
jacknifelee for Exquisition
ShepShy for Skyhold Lace PJs


Provided you're following the above listed author's perms on those specific meshes, you can do as you please with my mod, including releasing retextures or standalone variants of things. As for the Chantry, guards, starting gear, Viscount and Alistair, go nuts, my friends.