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makes leliana asian. why? because i say so

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I'm half Asian and I always liked the headcanon that Leliana was part Asian and there are a few mods for Origins for Asian Leliana but none for the other games which presents a continuity issue so I learned to mod Dragon Age 2 to do it my own damn self.

Best experienced when using the beautiful Cashmere Leliana mod for Origins, which finally inspired me to get off my ass and make this, or the great mod Asian Leliana Morphs! I will hopefully have an Inquisition version up soon - as far as I'm aware, you can't change anything about the actual headmorphs in Frostbite, but I can still change her skin, hair, and eye color! I just have to figure that out first lmao

I unfortunately could not test this myself because I lost all my DA2 saves, but a friend of mine tested one of the versions for me in Mark of the Assassin and it worked like a charm! So in theory they should all work lmao. I don't think it will work when she shows up in the ending, though, since that's a prerecorded cinematic.


So there are four versions of this mod, but they all have the same changed skintone and eye shape:

Lore Asian Leliana - keeps Leliana's vanilla orange hair and blue eyes
Lore Asian Leliana Freckles - same as above but adds some light freckles
Asian Leliana - changes Leliana's hair and eye color to brown
     Alternate Black Eyes Version - also gives her black hair and changes her eyes to black instead of brown
Asian Leliana Freckles - same as above but, again, adds some light freckles
     Alternate Black Eyes Version - same shit as above but with freckles lmao


Just download the file, pick only ONE Leliana version, and drop that .mor into your override folder! It should be in Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age 2\Packages\Core\Override but depending on your install path I think it could be in a slightly different location, if you can't find it just make one and it should still work!


The non-lore versions require Natural Hair and Natural Skin (I think - like I said I couldn't test them myself, but I was running those mods when I made this so better safe than sorry, and they're just good mods to have anyway). For Natural Skin, make sure you look at the readme and follow the install instructions carefully, at risk of breaking the family-matching mechanics!
The freckled versions require the Freckles mod.
The lore versions shouldn't require anything, but like I said I couldn't test it myself so if that's broken try it with Natural Hair and Skin!

I hope you guys like this mod, and thank you for checking it out!