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A HD retexture of the Mage version of the Mantle of the Champion armor, with a personal touch ! (Female version only)

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I saw Avallonkao's cool HD retexture pack the other day and loved it ! 

However the Mage Armor was a bit too bright for what I wanted, so I decided to get my own hands dirty and make my own changes !
(Only texture changes, wish I could mesh edit tho !)

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I have made a couple of changes from the vanilla look, such as;
- No more skin behind fur

- Scars on arm + More blood

- Blue cloth around glove for Isabela romance + Metal knuckles on glove

- Red stitches on pants + Red thread on breastplate

Note; there is no version without these changes, but if there is high demand I'll make a version without
  1. Download manually
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Drop the .ERF file into your override folder (Found in /Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override)
  4. Play !

  1. Simply remove the .ERF file from the override folder



UPDATE: November 17, 2017: New versions uploaded.
+Added a non-romance version
+Added a golden metal version

------------------------------------------------------------[/left]Recommended Mods:
Other HD mods ! Like Avallonkao's HD pack (Don't use her armor pack if you use mine tho ! They override some of the same textures)

Works fine with other mods, except ones that changes the Champion mage armor (not including helmets) like the armor pack in Avallonkao's mod

Nothing I know of so far, considering I didn't touch the meshes

Avallonkao ! I used her HD Armor texture to personalize this one (:

Enjoy !