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armor ports from dai

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These are ports from DAI to DA2. I'll be porting as much as I can before I lose all my steam, but for now, here's five. Two of them have some minor issues:

  • Inquisitor Prowler Mail - Clips into the butt a little, but isn't that big of a deal.
  • Bloodmage Armor - bottom skirt is a little fluttery/stretchy, but shouldn't distract too much.

Note that I didn't see the clipping/stretching as a big deal because of how badly canon armors clip and stretch, so I won't be fixing these issues. They're not that major, honestly.

All armors should be Dx9 compatible. Drop me a line if they aren't.


drop the erf(s) of your chosing into packages/core/override. The codes to obtain the armors are the names of the included imagines (inqa, calp, dai_reaver etc).


Credits - Bioware for the meshes and original textures

Permissions - You can reuse, reduce, recycle, remix and remash up these as much as you like, all I ask is credit for porting the models/textures. You do not need to ask my permission to do so. You're also free to re-host on other sites, but you have to let me know because I'd like to add it as a mirror here and also I have an ego that likes to be stroked.