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accessories without losing your hair

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This is just a BETA file, and a WIP, so please bear with me.

This adds 7 accessories, all of them usable by fHawke and all but three usable my mHawke. They are:

  • a flower crown
  • an embrium flower
  • an eyepatch
  • a fancy orlesian hat
  • a fancy pirate hat
  • a braided leather band
  • a pair of earrings

for some reason right now, the eye patch, pirate hat and earrings aren't appearing right on male characters. I'm looking to fix that, and add more things.
To be able to equip these items, you have to equip a full body mesh. Otherwise you will lose your hands. Some mods might not be compatible with them, and some unibody meshes; if you want to make your mod compatible, change the equipmas from 5 to 3. I can't make this compatible with every mod, so use your judgement... and if my own mods don't work with them, tell me and I'll update them, because those I DO have control over.

To obtain, drop the ERF into your override; open the console and type 'runscript acc'. They'll show up as a series of gloves with no stats but labelled clearly.

Currently tentatively fielding requests, but keep in mind my own meshwork is limited so I can't promise something will happen. Just tell me what you'd like to see.