Dragon Age 2

About this mod

a combined and edited pack to make DA2 more HD like the Game deserve

Permissions and credits

i started this pack more for a personal use since demanded some effort on locate and get permissions to all, but since i got all the permission and help i needed i decided to release.
what this pack will do ir put togheter the two texture mods i think this game deserve in HD, they are the Dragon Age 2 Ultimate HD by Aegrus and CommandBen   and the incredible and original design of Xaz Texture Overhaul by Xazomn   almost everything i
reworked to make in 2k and 4k textures, the lowtown and darktown are now more dirt and the walls just like old and wathered, hightwon more clean and with collors on the vegetations, the coast with sand that looks like sand and dirt, i just had to left  few textures to  maintain the vanilla resolution to work togheter with the official high resolution pack that was my intention from the start.

I worked on the faces from all random npcs and main characters, to get a proper quality and higher resolution, for this end i used the fantastic 
Unique Face Textures for Companions by Ellise   and my own Fallout 4 faces to get a result i really enjoyed.

And Thanks for the Amazing vaelsmod  i was able to work a true HD Chamapion Armors textures for both genders and all class, the meshes and textures have higher resolution and better textures in all areas, the metal shines is correct and is all in 4k resolution, with more metal looks.



Just unzip the files you want to download and Drop the .ERF into packages/core/override
make sure to not have any mods that can conflict such textures that changes enviroment or the default faces, the faces are compatioble with the  
Unique Face Textures for Companions by Ellise  and similar mods that change using morphs. 

This LAA patch will work for almost every game, including DA2: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/large-address-aware.112556/
install the LAA so the game can use more memory and will avoid further problems that can be caused for it.

for the reshades you need to download the Version 3.0.8 Reshade
after you download use the executable, and select you da2 folder, and search the DragonAge2.exe is located on the  Dragon Age 2\bin_ship folder, make sure to select this file and not the launcher.
after the start of the instalation will be asked to download the effects, let him download all of them and confirm, when its done navigate to the folder of the instalation.
Download my reshade Main file, Extract the file where the game is installed Inside The "bin Folder" and overhaul when asked, after that download one of the optionals reshade and install them on the bin folder, you can get all of them if you want.
enter the game for the first time use the default shift+F2 to open the reshade menu and select  one of them from the list and its done.
have in mind that the game may become lagged when you enter because he will load all the effects.


This mod is made to be high Resolution Only, i will not work on lower resolutions as optionals, since the performance is very friendly, i'm playing on a medium machine with a core i5 and r7 360 2GB 128 bits and play smootly on 30fps more with reshades active and directx11 version, witch is more than enough to play for me.
Another note is that i did all the textures using the directx11 version of the game i never used the directx9 so i cant assure how will show in that version, and i dont have plans on working for that version, but i believe that will have any problem except the quality.

the rogue champion female and the champion mage female may preset a small texture problem on the arms, but nothing really broken and its almost unnoticeable. 

The faces textures may show some issues depending of the lightning like the vanilla versions its one of the many limitations of this game.

another thing about the face is that many male npcs use the female and even kids face, like Thrask and ser korras for example, so i recommend to search the nexus for morphs of MALES npcs so they will get the propper male faces for example this mod Selected NPCs Revamped DA2 2-2 by Ali Bengali  select only the male the female will get a bearded version >.>

Special Note: The Isabela Armor, cannot and i will never give permission to be used for any mod to be upload anywhere for Fair skin. you can do changes and use yourself, but not upload, and any request for a fair skinned isabela will be ignored.



Unique Face Textures for Companions by Ellise

 Dragon Age 2 Ultimate HD by Aegrus and CommandBen

 Xaz Texture Overhaul by Xazomn 

Dragon Age II ReDesigned by Navo

HD Isabela Armour (Pants Variant Included) by dalishious