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shepshy and vaelsmod

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shepshy's dragonbound keeper texture for Merrill

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Another modder who's beautiful work I wanted to port was ShepShy's, and I got the okay for that, too. At least two folks expressed interest in it, so here it is! Comes in a handful of texture options and romanced and unromanced variations; in the future, I hope to do these as standalones for Merrill and fHawke (it was just a lot to do in one single day, so they'll be a bit behind, sorry!).

You can find her face under Ferelden Cuts.


This mod is, obviously, not compatible with anything that replaces Merrill's armor, and will likely not work in dx9. I think I found out how to fix that, but this is a lot of files, so it'll take me a bit to get to it.

Drop your chosen .erf into your packages/core/override.

Note about the hipscarf: it looks a bit different from initial stages since I don't have perms to re-use it, but I hope I found a suitable replacement for her. There's an alt file that removes the scarf.


Armor texture comes from ShepShy's Dragonbound Dalish Keeper mod for DAI.

As with all my ports, the only person you have to ask for texture re-use permissions is the original mod author, in this case ShepShy. If you want to retexture the vanilla DAI variant and use my model, though, have at it~ credit is nice, and I'd like to see what you made, but you don't need to ask.