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A combination of spell and talent in every class. This is not a save game but you still need start the game from beginning.

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Bored with your hawk combat style. Wanna play crossclass abilities, but doesn't know how to build it. Just wanna something simple and quick. Hope it can help you.

This mod will give you crossclass abilities which match and will make the gameplay be more fun. I create 8 crossclass abilities who have different ability tree in every class.

Arcanist Class for mage will have different trees with arcanist class for warrior. Arcanist class mage will use weapon and shields as a main weapon but arcanist class warrior will use two-handed as a main weapon. They will have different tree but in another abilities they will get the same abilities Who will be the purpose of arcanist class.

Multi Class
This mod include class
1. Arcanist / Arcane Warrior
2. Blood Knight
3. Paragon
4. Slayer
5. Shadowcaster
6. Palladin
7. Spellcloak
8. Universalist

This mod will work well with SLSU and a mod add new spell or talent.

How to instal
Just put one of them into your override folder. Don't use them together.
For the detail read the readme file.

Known and issue
When using cross class abilities you will get animation conflict, when using the abilities which doesn't mean for the style.
When using evade talent from rogue abilities will create conflict animation effect if you use mage or warrior weapon on your character.

To fix animation conflict just install.
Anyone can use spell and talent in correct animation by royale011