Humans Being - Heterochromia Iridum by Atlas
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aka "Chromia Is The Only Thing Hetero About Hawke"

Born from a bought of curiosity - I wanted to know if, with a bit of editing, I could make eyes where one was blind and one wasn't, for one of my Hawkes. To my utter delight I discovered it was possible, with some limitations. So I made a few variations, and am uploading them here. Unfortunately you can't get change your eye color with the eye slider - I'm working on it, I just can't make any promises.

Fun, exciting features of this mod are:

  • Duplicates of each preset, including the Iconics (who have their own unique eyes; blind/blue for Marian and blind/brown for Garrett)
  • 3 different eye textures for you to choose from
  • A family_rules_headfeatures.gda, so that you can get the family that's meant for your preset (unless you have a skintone mod, in which case I can't help you)
  • Pictures of these eyes, so you can truly decide which one you want
  • A psd, in case you want to make different eye colors for your own Hawke.
  • Ellise's Unqiue Textures on femhawke (I couldn't get the vanilla mops to play nice with them)
  • A weird sense of fulfillment, knowing your eyes are truly unique from literally everyone else in Kirkwall


To install the mod, extract the folder 'Heterochromia Eyes' into your override folder. Run your chargenmorph compiler, or compile the file manually; if you don't want the family_rules_headfeatures.gda because you already have one or don't care which family you get, discard the file. To uninstall, delete the folder 'Heterochromia Eyes'/erf, family_rules_headfeatures.gda and all the mops out of your chargenmorph. (Or make a backp of your chargenmorph, like a square.)

Note: the eyelids on mHawke will buldge a bit in the CC; and the eyes themselves will look a bit off. They look better in-game, I promise.
If you're having issues with it showing up (blank eye textures), swap your renderer from dx9 to dx11.

Credits and Thanks

Ellise - the eye psd, eye textures and face textures are from her mod, which has reuse perms on it. The eye textures are edited versions, even the deep dark brown eye on Garrett.
My beautiful friends for their enthusiasm for this mod and for their support
Spotify because I can't work in silence it makes me paranoid
Kim for crackin' jokes with me when I can't sleep at 3am