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Chubby Bethany

When I made the Chubby Isabela mod, there were a few requests for chubby Hawke and chubby Bethany versions. I found my Bethany WIP and finished the meshes that I had started - it isn't anything special (not the DAI models), but here you go!

Mesh edits are a quick n dirty WIP - she might have some sharp angles here and there, but none too noticable. Warden mesh is slightly 'slimmer' and Circle Mage mesh is slightly rounder - obvious reasons should be obvious. As these are vanilla, they're compatible with any retextures of the vanilla gear. I currently don't know how this will effect the mage Warden gear found on Janeka or in Legacy - I think those meshes are different, but honestly? I could be wrong. If they are, let me know and I'll work up a fix for them. I'm also pretty sure it'll override the fHawke version of Robes of the Void, so I'll work up a fix for that later.

Lastly, I didn't edit her face - there's only a 'head preset' for one Bethany (h1s1), so I didn't bother. Sorry. Secondly, if there's a major request for the DAI versions, I'll do it - I have the objs - I just figured there wouldn't be much want for them.


The same old - drop your chosen ERFs into Packages/Core/Override, boot up the game and have fun. Also note these were taken in dx11 on medium quality - yours will probably look nicer if you're playing on High or Very High.


Taco Bell for letting me Live Más
Reggie, for getting me Taco Bell so I can Live Más
Literally anyone who's ever said a single nice thing about me, but especially you guys who said super nice things about Chubby Isabela, ILY
quenchedsteel and greensims for throwing me savegames to test this, as I play mage Hawke more or less exclusively and did not have Bethany present at my later games (and yes, I'm still holding out for a 'play with both twins' mod ;w; Bioware is cruel)