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First off, the briefest part of this mod - Alistair in his King Outfit from DAI.

A lot of people requested this for FF rather than poking the files themselves, so I've done it here. It will still change the noble outfit 'a' and any noble male (such as Seneschal Bran) wearing it will have the same outfit. So, maybe only put it in for his King Cameo.

The Alistair morph pictured is Dalishious' Alistair Restoration. No additional mod is required for this outfit to work, as I included the replacer for it by default. Yes, I will get to making it just Alistair specific - enough people have requested it.

Now, onto the meat of this...

I was a little bummed that I could see my husband, but not get a visit from Anora at all if I had her as Queen. So, this is a small WIP to place her in the game. As of right now, it is JUST her face - no audio has been muted and no subtitles rewritten. Eventually it will be, but for right now this is just... a WIP, asI said.

This is not meant to be a total Alistair replacer; however, given the nature of things, I don't know if you can have this installed and have Anora show up in one game and Alistair in another. It'd be more likely to get a special visit from her to run on a Grey Warden or Drunkard Alistair play. I don't know. It's still just a WIP, after all.

The to-do list is small, and as follows:
  • Mute audio for Anora so she's not speaking in Alistair's voice
  • Rewrite subtitles
  • Custom Dress

As of right now, the .uti has been edited so that it points to 'Noble Gown C'. If you want her in red like I have her, you need to have the (really supreme) Amell Noble Dress by Kaylawayla installed.


TO INSTALL THE ANORA MOD, place the .erf AND THE .MOR FILE into your override, AFTER your mother's death and BEFORE you meet 'king' Alistair. As of right now, you MUST have a King Alistair save in order for her to appear. Also... maybe mute your audio, if that bugs you too much.

For the Alistair version, just drop the .erf into your override. That's all. 


First off, I had to make the body in the .uti point to a custom appearance line. I chose to overwrite the zombie mom as that would have the least conflicts. If you're using any mod that changes the way the zombie mom's dress looks (do NOT quote me, but I think my Ferelden Fashion is currently the only one), it will conflict with that mod. Remove it for the duration of the mod. Additionally, because it DOES conflict with my FF mod, I've added in a file that has the noble appearances but does not have the zombie mom included. You can install just that, if you want? I don't care, dudes.

Two, I gave her a custom named .mor file that is packaged OUTSIDE of the .erf, and if you don't like how I made her look (to be fair, I don't think my efforts were exactly successful) you can change her. Here is a tutorial on extracting face data from savegames and overwriting mor files (Anora's is hf_anora.mor, so make sure to overwrite that one). Alternatively, you can use the DA Face Replacer, which has instructions on how to replace the face itself. If you manage to make a better looking Anora, I won't be torn up if you put it up as a replacer for mine.

I also won't be hurt if you replace her face with your own human female Warden. Once I get a few things sorted I'll add a .uti that points to a special mage outfit for male or female elfs; if you want your own human male warden, just save over Alistair's face instead of trying to use this mod. Unfortunately I can't do lady dorfs - not because I don't want to (I really do want to), but because there AREN'T any lady dorf models in-game. Sorry. I will also not be rewriting a bunch of custom dialogue for the warden king/queen. It will be more or less similar to Anora's. Again, sorry - there are just too many things to factor in, too many peoples' personal Warden reactions etc, so please, don't ask.


Anora requires a few appearance mods to show up properly.

Hairs for Femhawke by Anshela
Unique Companion Complexions CC - No Eyebrows Version by Ellise (Under "Optional")


Do whatever you want with this, including editing the .uti to have a different outfit appearance if you like. To edit the .uti, you'll need tlkedit. You can retexture the Alistair outfit, too, idc.

this was one long mod description for one small lil change lmao