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Added: 16/04/2017 - 12:54AM
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prounounce it "misk-ellaneous"

This is more or less a dumping ground for a few misc mods I have that can't really stand on their own. I'll be dumping a few things in here over the weeks, especially some stuff during this weekend - not the Chubby Beth or Chubby Player Character mods, tho, those will stand on their own.

Mostly this will be random DAI exports and some CC stuff I've made (skin and makeup tints, mainly) that won't work elsewhere. You can do as you please with these, in the confines of Bioware games anyway; meaning you can port them to DAO, or you can re-release your own things with these mods (including your own pajama retextures and such, it's fine), no permission needed. Credit for model export would be nice and is appreciated, but not mandatory (tho I would like you to drop a link to your work here so I could link to it on this page).

Brief mod descriptions are as follows.



A little more grey/white, rather than beige. These are the infamous silk jammies your inquisitor wears. You can use DAI textures, if you like, or you can wear them as is. If you have your own retextures or have permission to port others' retextures, by all means, take the models and do as is.

Minor issues with clipping on the human female necks. Textures leave a lot to be desired. No stats to them.


Armor options for Charade. Make sure to load this BEFORE meeting her. 'Charade Red Jenny' requires my Arms of Red Jenny. 'Charade Triss Armor' requires anshela's Triss Armor for Femhawke.

The custom Charade .mor is up per request of my friend Fen. The 'Custom Charade' file requires Fialka Eye Tints and Kanihime's Female Face Textures. The Josie hair and Tattoo are included by default; the Josie hair is part of Ferelden Cuts and the tattoo is from quenchedsteel's DAI CC Imports. The 'Vanilla Charade' shouldn't require any additional mods, as it uses just vanilla assets and the tattoo comes with it.