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I've always had the thought that it would be nice to see Loghain in the second game. Despite the limits of the character design engine, and many hours of effort later, I proudly present DA2 Loghain. There's even the same hairstyle, unlike DAI! We all know the braids are necessary.

This mod swaps Loghain for Stroud; it's not perfect (Orlesian accent...) but it's a lot more fair than default canon. There are two opportunities to run into Loghain - in the Deep Roads if you bring Anders and your sibling, and in the Warden arrival during the Qunari crisis. If Alistair remained a Warden, he'll override Loghain at the Act 2 scene, but if that's your canon you really don't need this mod anyway.

It's simple to use: just unpack the .zip and drop the morph -- hm_stroud.mor, which is misleadingly named, but necessary for the swap -- into your Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override folder. Feel free to use the Loghain morph for anything else you would like, but please, please credit me! This took a while! I had to pull apart the very fabric of the CC itself! (Yes, really.)

Download and enjoy the Loghain cameo!