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Surprised at the change from brown to white between Merrill's DAO and DA2 looks? Want to return to her original skin tone in lovely HD? Here you go!

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Merrill got seriously paler from Origins to 2. (For reference: http://i.imgur.com/psvY2DT.png ) So what are we supposed to do about Bioware's usual whitewashing? Obviously, someone's got to fix it.

This is a very simple edit to Merrill's .mor, including a HD retexture, which restores her to her original skin tone as closely as possible. Works in all circumstances, and changes her overall skin tone to 06 out of 12 (as compared to 004 out of 8 in Origins). 

Note: this mod adapts Ellise's Unique Face Textures For Companions, which is free to use and modify with credit. I did not make the HD texture! All praise for it should go to Ellise.

Other mods pictured are Lustrianna's New Merrill Secondary Armor and Ish's Scarf For Merrill. Screencaps edited for color and lighting clarity by me. 

Download, put the .erf in your override, and enjoy!