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Adds ten new skin colours that work against DA:2's lighting.

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Some time ago it was requested I transfer my Strong Skin Colours mod for DA:O over to DA:2, which naturally experiences the same struggle of skin tones looking 3x lighter in-game compared to what they look like in the character creator. And I tried... Only to discover that DA:2's skin tones are possibly even worse than DA:O. It literally sucks the colour out. And so I had to create a whole new batch, with even stronger saturation. (Seriously, the toolset looks extremely different than what the end result in-game is.)

While these tones do appear somewhat lighter still, the saturation-levels of the undertones limit this to a stronger degree. Meaning you should notice a difference in how the game's lighting affects your character's race.

"Why should I download this mod as opposed to all the other ones?"
What do you mean 'as opposed?' Download as many as you want. (Meaning this mod is completely stand-alone and shouldn't change any other skin-mods out there, or the vanilla ones.)

"Why didn't you include any white skins?"
Because there is not a lack of white skin to begin with. But if you want more white skin I suggest PineappleTree's Vibrant Colours for DA2. Just be aware I think I have discovered the reason the darker colours of that mod are so dull is because I'm fairly certain they were literally done on a scale, reducing the brightness but nothing else. (Looks fine in the toolset, not so much in-game.)

"Why didn't you include more dark skins?"
Unfortunately ly7 is the darkest I was able to go without the game freaking out. And even still it is a little noticeable in the shiny areas, particularly in lamplight. Learning from the comments on the original mod, this is because of the game engine, and out of my control.

"Why ly_?"

IDK, it's the first two letters of my name. //Shrug

"Something isn't working!"

First, double-check the instructions. Then leave a comment here or message me on Tumblr and I will absolutely get back to you.

(Instructions also provided in .zip)

Add the unzipped folder to the following file path:
C:\Users\NAME\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

Add the following lines to the file, under <skin_colors>
<resource name="t1_skn_ly0"></resource>
<resource name="t1_skn_ly1"></resource>
<resource name="t1_skn_ly2"></resource>
<resource name="t1_skn_ly3"></resource>
<resource name="t1_skn_ly4"></resource>
<resource name="t1_skn_ly5"></resource>
<resource name="t1_skn_ly6"></resource>
<resource name="t1_skn_ly7"></resource>
<resource name="t1_skn_ly8"></resource>
<resource name="t1_skn_ly9"></resource>


Add the one supplied in the zip to the following file path:
C:\Users\NAME\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override


Remove the file folder, and remove the above lines from your chargenmorphcfg.


I would very much appreciate any advice you have to give me, as I am extremely new to all this. :)