Zevran Romance Dialogue Fix by sapphim
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Added: 17/12/2015 - 04:27AM
Updated: 07/01/2016 - 12:44PM

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Last updated at 12:44, 7 Jan 2016 Uploaded at 4:27, 17 Dec 2015

Zevran Romance Dialogue Fix

What it does:
  • Fixes (the final part of) that obnoxious long-standing bug where Zevran acted like a living romanced Warden was dead or non-existent
  • Restores three lines of dialogue for an imported romanced Zevran
  • Two of these only play in banter with Isabela, one of which is contingent on the Isabela threesome
  • Does not stop Zevran from flirting with Hawke! This is still Zevran after all! Does stop him from sneaking off for sex behind a bush though
  • More details in the read me tab for the curious

Files modified:
  • one300_zevran.cnv

  • Place the .erf in packages\core\override to install, delete to uninstall
  • Can be installed or uninstalled at any point without harming anything, though you obviously want to install before meeting Zevran
  • You must also have Monochrome Wench's DA2 Import Fixes installed