Isabela Skin and Armor Edits by Nightscrawl
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-- Update, September 11, 2014 --
Per request, I added a version with the skin edits ONLY. No changes to the tunic or jewelry.

-- Simple Description --
I am aware that Isabela's appearance is a hot-button issue within the DA fandom.
What this mod IS NOT: This is not a "white" Isabela mod. I personally do not care if others want to use those mods in their own game, but that is not what this mod is, nor will I add any versions relating to that.
What this mod IS: A "fix" for some of her skin texture problems, as well as a brighter tunic. There is an optional gray/silver jewelry recolor for those who disliked the gaudy gold.

-- More Detailed Description --
As most of us know the engines used in both DAO and DA2 did not handle darker skin tones very well. This led to some texture issues when those skins were made darker via artificial means (that is, changing a tint in a game). Isabela has a gorgeous face with smooth skin. The skin on her body, particularly her arms, has a more gritty texture. I honestly do not believe this was a conscious choice on BioWare's part, just as I don't believe that they purposely made Fenris's face markings chalky.

Skin changes: There is one IMPORTANT factor to consider when looking at Isabela in your game. She will appear lighter at some angles and in some lighting. The reason for this is that the BioWare artists included artificial shadows on the inside/underside of her arms. You can see this when she does her arm brush idle animation. Shadows do not work this way and it was silly of them to add this. The game has its own shadows and lighting that are sufficient for lighting her body, just as they are for all other characters' bodies. Because I made her skin a more uniform color (I used the skin around her cleavage, which has minimal shading) this faux shadow is removed, giving her a lighter appearance in some situations. I've included a screenshot of her standing in the shadows to show that her skin is the same color as her face.

Her hands are also fixed as a result of all these edits. Thanks to LOTC for the inspiration to do this mod and for the DA2 NPC Hands mod. I originally wanted to do my own hand fix, but ended up doing a lot more.

Non-skin changes: I've introduced Clorox® to Thedas, so their whites are brighter. Both the normal and romance tunic are brighter looking, and I think have a nice contrast with her skin tone. There is the original gold jewelry and also an optional gray or 'silver' color. If you want a different color, feel free to suggest it and I'll see what I can do. Please also include if you want a different gem. I don't really have the desire to mod her blue cloth accessories, but I will make the effort if someone really wants me to.

-- Installation --
Unzip and put the folder into your Override directory.

-- Uninstallation --
Delete the folder from your Override directory.

-- Notes --
* I don't really care to romance Isabela (I have done it once) so I can't provide any screenshots of her romance tunic. If you see any problems with the romance outfit, please screenshot and tell me about it.

* There remains one tiny texture issue that I wasn't able to fix. There are a couple of black marks in the arm pits which you can see when she does
her stretch idle animation. That area was originally very dark with the faux shadow and there are unfortunately some lingering lines that I can't change without affecting other parts of the texture.