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Offers a variety of skin, eye, and hair color options for the way Bethany, Carver, and Hawke appear during the Fake Prologue, as well as fixes some errors in the vanilla versions.

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There have been a number of mods created to customize the Hawke family presets and appearances, but as far as I know, they only extend to the main game and don't include the 'fake' Prologue that plays out when you start a new game.

I personally enjoy watching through it every now and then, but it gets tedious seeing the same terribly pale-faced default Hawke and Hawke siblings every single time. So this mod offers a variety of options for customizing the appearance of Hawke, Bethany, and Carver for the 'fake' Prologue. I've also uploaded a set of 'improved' defaults that makes a few minor changes as well as fixes a couple of mistakes in the original defaults.

These customizations WILL NOT affect the rest of the game in any way. They ONLY apply to the Fake Prologue scene that plays when you begin a new game.

Obviously this does not encompass the nearly limitless variety of combinations that I could technically create, but I've tried to offer a fairly decent variety without going overboard.



1. Download the file that contains the appearance variations for the character(s) you want to change. There is an 'all in one' archive as well as the option to download each character's variations separately for convenience.

2. Choose ONE appearance variation file for EACH character whose appearance you want to change. Copy these files into your override* folder.

3. If you want to change Bethany's body appearance, choose only ONE variation ('normal' or 'Warden'). Copy this file into your override* folder.

4. Start a new game to watch the Fake Prologue with the character variation choices you've made.

* Your 'override' folder should be located at: BioWare --> Dragon Age 2 --> packages --> core --> override'.



Delete the files from your overrides folder.



None known.

This mod uses ONLY vanilla game resources, so there should be no conflicts or missing tint / texture issues.

This mod ONLY alters fake!Prologue appearances, so the rest of your game should be entirely unaffected.

No new files are introduced, this mod just does some basic headmorph / model swapping and tint / texture swapping.

If you use any other mods that REPLACE the default tints or textures, those WILL also alter the appearance of the variations in this mod.

Comparison / preview images are INCLUDED.



PLEASE SEE THE README and check the 'IMPORTANT NOTES' section for additional details on the changes that have been made.

All credits go to EA / BioWare for the default game resources. I've just done some playing in their sandbox.

The only tools used in the creation of this mod were Notepad and pyGFF.