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the Dalish ingenue is all grown up!

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Sweet, innocent Merrill trails after Hawke with unwavering loyalty and eternal optimism. No matter the danger, she follows without question, from the bleak shores of the Wounded Coast to the haunted shadows of the Bone Pit, and back to the bar of the Hanged Man... where Corff refuses to serve her, because she looks about ten years old.


Probably best not to speculate upon what the design bods at Bioware were thinking when they decided to include Little Elven Annie as a love interest. I'm not knocking Merrill - she's lovely, and daft, and Welsh, all of which makes her just perfect - but really, the slightest whiff of romance, and Hawke starts to give off a creepy, Humbert Humbert vibe.

Nope. It's time for Hawke to step away from those middle school gates, and turn his attention to...

Magic Merrill!

Our beauteous blood-mage is all grown up! Magic Merrill is something of a design hybrid; she has the coloring (and doe eyes) of vanilla Merrill, but the age-of-consent figure (and cute elven nose) of her original Ferelden self.

Magic Mel has two outfits available: the first features pre- and post-romance robes with a neck scarf, boots, and various Mage accessories; the second is barefoot (to jibe with a few snippets of Mel's in-game dialogue), and clad in chainmail.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

To install Magic Merrill, unzip the file, and drop the enclosed folder (‘Magic-Merrill’) into your override folder, thus:

Documents / BioWare / Dragon Age 2 / packages / core/ override / Magic-Merrill

To uninstall, simply delete the Magic-Merrill folder from your override folder.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

Magic Merrill is a stand-alone mod (no other downloads are required). Any other mods that tweak Merrill’s appearance are almost certain to conflict with this one; please feel free to contact me if you need assistance (or if you just want to offer feedback - it's all welcome).

Huge thanks, as always, to sarchiapozzo and marquiseondore for their MOP modding tutorials; to atomcall, for beta testing and Merrill-esque levels of enthusiasm; and to the wonderful Nexus community, for your feedback, endorsements and constructive criticism. Best mod community ever!

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