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the Biggest, Baddest Fenris,
with several options + full lyrium FX

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Update: Version 1.09 is optimized for cross-mod compatibility, and includes a complexion adjustment for Varania, to achieve a more realistic family resemblance.

Of all Hawke’s crazy companions, Fenris is probably the most paradoxical. He’s a snarling, bloodthirsty bigot, who nonetheless risks his life on a daily basis in defense of the mages he hates. He can’t read, but he’s bilingual, has diplomatic savvy, and knows his way around a wine cellar. He wields a sword the size of a barn door, but… he has to stand on tiptoe to make out with Hawke.

And that last bit just bugged me. IMHO, Fenris is the coolest cat in Kirkwall, and DA2’s most interesting romantic prospect. But after all that angst, when poor Hawke did finally lock lips with her enigmatic elf, she looked like a rugby prop wrestling an eight year old. Which, really, is all kinds of wrong.

Clearly something had to be done! So, without further ado, I am happy to present…

Big Bad Fenris
He’s bigger and badder than ever!

Our broody hero comes in two variants: a swarthy, mohawked beast with custom, iridescent eyes; and a soulful, more traditional Fenris, drawn closely from the vanilla model.

These bad boys sport ferocious tattoos with full lyrium glow FX, and each has three sartorial options: a full suit of spiky armor; a set of fur-trimmed town clothes; and for that authentic slave-on-the-run look, barefoot in nowt but pants and moonlight.

If you’re so inclined, you can always download a Fenris for each Act of DA2 (from barefoot, to clothed, to armored, for instance). Just remember to remove whichever ‘BigBadFen’ folder you're NOT using from your override folder, et voila – a Fenris for every occasion!:D

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

To install Big Bad Fenris, unzip the file of your choice, and drop the enclosed folder (‘BigBadFen’) into your override folder, thus:

Documents / BioWare / Dragon Age 2 / packages / core/ override / BigBadFen

To uninstall, simply delete the BigBadFen folder from your override folder.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Big Bad Fenris is a stand-alone mod (pretty appropriate, given his personality), so no other mods are necessary. Any other mods that tweak Fen’s appearance are almost certain to conflict with this one; please feel free to contact me with any odd / annoying / funny mod conflicts, and I’ll see what can be done to resolve the problem (…unless it’s really funny, in which case some pointing and laughing may occur).;)

A million, billion thanks to sarchiapozzo and marquiseondore for their brilliant MOP modding tutorials. Big fat hugs to atomcall for the beta testing (and cups of tea), and to the Nexus community at large – your feedback, endorsements and constructive criticism make modding worthwhile. Thank you! And last, but not least, massive kudos to David Gaider, for writing all three of my favourite DA characters (one being Fenris… and I’ll let you guess the other two).

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Quick note regarding old versions of Fenris:

All models labeled 'Half-Elf' are human in appearance, with rounded, non-elven ears, and a regular human eye shape/size. The more recent versions (from v1.09 onward) feature full lyrium FX, a matching Varania, and are available in all three costume variations (clothed, bare, or armored), just like the main Fen files.

The archived Half-Elf Fens (v1.04) lack the in-combat ‘lyrium ghost’ glow. These older versions also feature different facial tattoos (they are my early Fenristein’s monsters), and less elaborate clothing choices. Varania will be unchanged for these guys. They're not quite as impressive, to be honest, but I will continue to make these primitive Fens available to anyone who prefers the look. That way, between the whole horde of 'em, I figure there should be a Fenris for everyone!