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King, Warden or heartbroken drunk -
the beautiful bastard prince is back!

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Update: File 1.04 features a complete rendering overhaul, because honestly, Alistair just has to be done right.

Hawke strode into the Viscount's Keep, stomach a-flutter, to meet noble King Alistair of Ferelden...

...and was aghast to behold instead a shifty, spam-faced imposter (and his uberdodgy "sort-of" uncle).

Oh, no. No-no-no. Not happening - not in my Kirkwall!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm fairly chuffed to present an alternative to the aforementioned scenario:

Alistair, Ever After.

Featuring all three possible versions of our beloved Theirin - the King, the Warden and the tragic drunk - each with their own subtle variations in skin tone (to reflect the toll of the past few years). He's not perfect - after all, there can be only one true Alistair - but hopefully this incarnation won't send you screaming from the room... or was that just me?!

To install, unzip 'AlistairEverAfter', and drop the enclosed contents into your override folder, thus:

Documents / BioWare / Dragon Age 2 / packages / core / override / ...

To uninstall, simply delete both files ('Alistair Skins' and 'Alistair Mors') from your override folder.

Alistair Ever After is a stand-alone mod (no other downloads are required). Any other mods that tweak Alistair’s appearance are almost certain to conflict with this one; everything else should run just fine. Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance, or if you just want to offer feedback - it's all welcome!

Please note: this mod alters Alistair's face, not his body. His usual in-game attire will appear unaffected. The pictures posted here are intended to illustrate only his Theirin good looks, not a change in armor.

So... go swoop, and lick lamp-posts, and have fun out there!

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Alistair Ever After

A million thanks to the fantastic Nexus community for all your comments, endorsements and constructive criticism! Best place to mod, bar none.