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Isabela, pearl of the high seas,
in five delicious varieties.

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Update: Version 1.04 adds two body options (with red or blue scarf detail), featuring softer, less weathered skin.

Isabela - dusky temptress, fearless duelist, flighty rapscallion... she wears all those hats so well; it's about time she had a few hairdos to match!

Dangerous Isabela attempts to reflect the various facets of Hawke's feistiest sidekick:

~ the Pirate Queen - Isabela's usual flamboyant look, with blue bandana

~ the Red Queen - a scarlet bandana, and more vivid lips to match

~ the Feisty Minx - a deceptively delicate, ladylike pirate

~ the Ragamuffin - hair tied back for deck-swabbing (and back-stabbing)

~ the Saucy Wench - equal parts guts and glamour, with a high chignon

Each of these lovely lasses features a custom skintone with small scar detail (Isabela lives by the sword, after all). Dangerous Isabela is a stand-alone mod, and will play nicely with others, as long as they don't touch her face. Clothing and armor mods, such as the wonderful 'Garments of the Pirate Queen', should work just fine, provided they do not include a head morph.

Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance, or if you just want to offer feedback - it's all welcome!

= = = = = = = = = = = =

To install Dangerous Isabela, unzip your file of choice, and drop the contents into your override folder, thus:

Documents / BioWare / Dragon Age 2 / packages / core/ override / Isabela folder

To uninstall, simply delete the Dangerous Isabela folder from your override.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

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