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Equipping armor mod.

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Ok. this is my very first upload and right off the top I'm going to say that I DIDNT MAKE THIS MOD. I found this a while back when the game first came out. The mod works very well and doesn't screw anything up when it comes to the game mechanics. I thought give this a try, i personally think it works better than the equip v3 mod however im in no way saying that its no good. Its amazing what the community can offer these days. Anyway, here is the mod.

just unzip and place the folder into your override folder

The mod includes the readme from the original maker named scorpio0001. I tried finding the author but couldn't so i have no idea who to give credit to.

SO. Aside from the fact that i wanted to share this mod I also was wondering if there is anyone who can make this thing compatible with the Mark of the Assassin DLC. I would really appreciate the effort if anyone could.

What i personally like about this version is that if you remove all the equipment off your companion it will strip them down to their underwear.... which as weird as it might sounds is more realistic considering you don't actually have anything equipped on your character.

PS. To anyone who actually read all of this.....well you must really like to read because im usually frightened by large quantities of text XD

I will be posting pictures ONCE I GET MY COMPUTER RUNNING PROPERLY! *insert angry smiley here*