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Many things for Anders: outfits' retextures, hairstyles, morph and a new staff (Ser Pounce-a-lot plushies!).

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[05/03/14] - By request, I'm releasing all the... requests I never uploaded. Some of them are very old. You can find them in the “Miscellaneous” section (at the very bottom of the “Files” page).
[11/01/11] - Added a request (Anders' vanilla textures with an Amell crest on the armband, same for my "Open Dark & Closed Blue" version).
[10/29/11] - Version 3 - Added a standalone for the staff. Fixed a texture's bug in the Closed Blue Outfit. I made an alternative version of my textures pack to avoid conflicts with Diversified Followers Armors.
[10/09/11] - Version 2 - Fixed the weird glints on the staff.
[10/07/11] - Version 1 - Release.
Description: Here are many mods I made for Anders these last months. I decided to share it if it can interest some of his fans. You'll find retextures, all Hawke's hairstyles for Anders, his dark morph and a staff with Ser Pounce-a-lot plushies on it. Surely I'll add other things if I have new ideas - suggestions are welcome. I also take requests: leave a comment and I'll see what I can do for you. Enjoy! :)
Requirements: Nothing.
Installation: You will find the instructions in the files, no need to write a wall of text here. I suggest you to create a new folder into the override folder where you can add all the things for Anders. It will be easiest if you want to delete the mod in the future.
Un-installation: Simply delete all the files you installed.
Incompatibility: See instructions for the details. The only major conflict I noticed is with Diversified Followers Armors from ishmaeltheforsaken. Which is annoying. Maybe I should make another version with simple retextures. Basically this mod replaces Anders' body models, so there is a conflict between the apr_base.gda of both mods.
Known issues: Yes, two little things about the staff: when you meet Anders for the first time, he will have his default staff. And few seconds later he has the modded staff. I think it is a script that does this. Also, in bright places there are some weird glows on the staff. If you notice anything else, please let me know.
Mephales (for the PyGFF)
elys (for GDApp and ERFv3 Packer)
My dear Steelcry for her help (thanks for your suggestions and for testing my mods!)
Mods recommended/used in screenshots:
Looka's definitive item pack for DA2 - I used his evolving version of the staff Freedom's Call for my mod, please give credits to him!
Anders Item Pack by Tair
All LordTabookie's retextures
Morozik75 Arsenal by Morozik75
Glowing Weapon retex by sendo75
All LapisLazzuli's armors - my favorite: Overseer retexture
Hawke Family Steelcry Style by my twin sister Steelcry :3
Anders Outfits Retextures by ivolga (okay it's a bit foolish to recommend a mod that can't work with mine but I love these retextures)
Ish's Armors De-shelved by ishmaeltheforsaken
Champion Mage Armor Retex for DA2 by Aremeta
Amell Ancestral Arms by Ellise
PT's Vibrant Hair for DAII by Pineappletree
DA2 NPC Presets by marquiseondore
Black Hair is Black 2 by MidnightVoyager
The Fenris Files by zombiezer0

Next time I'll remove every mods before taking screenshots <_<