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\"Imported\" Antivan armor

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Antiva. Land of good wine, dark-haired beauties and assassins...
And fine armors of course...


Another delivery option: attire is added to the inventory at the arrival to Gallows after finishing prologue. It is added as a reward, so it can be incompatible with other mods that add items as a reward as well. So, it's a test version for now and has only "classico" color variant. If it works ok - I'll add other variants.
To install: unrar, open Dream_of_Antiva_rewards folder, take one variant you need (for mage or for rogue, there's no option to get them both) and put ERF to override folder.

There are 3 color variants: "Classico", "Vintage wine" and "Quicksilver". Now each color variant has 2 class variants (depending on stats) - one for mage and one for rogue.
All the 6 variants are stand-alone and can be used individually or together in one game (thanks a million to Aremeta for scripts and brilliant ideas ;), this update could not be possible without his help)


Download and unpack.

Place "Dream of Antiva pack" folder to documents/BioWare/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override

If you want to choose one of the variants - open the folder "Dream of Antiva pack", choose "for rogues" or "for mages" folder and open it. Choose the color variant you like and copy erf file to override.

Every variant has it's console command.
To use, open console and type:

runscript doa = Classico (mage)
runscript doa2 = Vintage Wine (mage)
runscript doa3 = QuickSilver (mage)

runscript doa4 = Classico (rogue)
runscript doa5 = Vintage Wine (rogue)
runscript doa6 = QuickSilver (rogue)

If you need help enabling the console, check out the Wiki:

Delete erf file or "Dream of Antiva pack" folder from override.

Replacers: Bethany, Carver, Isabela 1st, Isabela 2nd, Anders 1st, Anders 2nd outfits. Compatible with each other and Dream of Antiva. Not compatible with any other Bethany, Isabela, Anders and Carver's armor replacers. Unrar and put to override.
I couldn't make the armor work as home attire replacer. The only alternative is to use "Armor at home" by revan1988 or "Constant Vigilance" by Sresla.


This attire is fashioned in Antivan style, in the way I imagine it :). The attire looks rather light and was done first of all for mages, but there are no restrictions - it'll do for any class. Stats improve with level-up.

As far as adding through reward failed, now "Dream of Antiva" is added via console (big THANKS to rak72 for the script and her generosity! )
Later the mod will be updated with one more way of getting the armor.

Download and unpack. Place "Dream of Antiva" folder to documents/BioWare/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override
To use, open console and type: runscript Doa

Delete "Dream of Antiva" folder.

Known Issues:
Male version of armor can be combined with the set gloves and boots only.

PLEASE, do not upload this mod (as a separate file or in parts) without my personal permission!

to Bioware , Nexus, modders, mods users, to all who help and support.
special thanks to rak72 for her script and Aremeta for scripts and wonderful banners!