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female Sebastian\'s armor set for all u FemHawkes out there.

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This is a conversion of Sebastian's companoin armor for a female Hawke and it adds a complete new armor set(chest, gloves and boots) to equip ingame. I converted and seperated the armor using tmp7704's Lightwave import-export plugin (http://social.bioware.com/project/2246/ - thanks again man) so you can mix and match this set with others. I also retextured it to differ from Sebastians's.

i uploaded two .erf's.
- Female_Sebastian_Armor_Set (models with my textures)
- Female_Sebastian_Armor_Set - vanilla (models with vanilla textures)

i also included the item_variations.gda ready for u to edit. but if u already have one then ignore mine.

how to use: this only changes the look of an armor so u should edit the item_variations.gda to get this armor to work. great tutorial here http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2240.

armor names are:
chest: arm_strk
gloves: glv_strk
boots: boo_strk

so after you extract the erf to your override folder just
use the armor names to replace any armor you want.
enjoy mixing and matching.

if u find the process too complicated, message me with the armor (chest,gloves and boots) that u want to replace and i'll make a replacer for u.

cheers and enjoy.

update: added new updated versions with changed texture names to avoid conflicts with other mods

update2: added the two requested armor replacers

update3: added the requested version that is meant to be used together with the Royal Armor mod by trufflesduval. so when u equip the armor from his mod as a female Hawke you'll get the look of my armor with his stats.