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I made these little sets for my Hawkes in anticipation for Legacy. I've been enjoying them a lot on my current playthrough, maybe someone out there will get a kick out of using them as well. ;)


[Ancestral Arms by Ellise]


This mod adds two new sets of equipment to the game, the Ancestral Robes and Armor.

The two sets are available separately for convenience.

A mage, rogue and warrior version are available for each set, all with custom, evolving stats. (Both the armor and the robes share identical stats.)


[13/08/2011] 1.0 - Initial Release.
[14/08/2011] 1.0 - As per request, a finery swap is now available for the ancestral robes.
[15/08/2011] 1.1 - Finery Swap update: A gloved version is now available to FemHawke.
[20/08/2011] 1.0a - Armor Update: Minor mesh edits, the shoulderplate was on the wrong side, this is now fixed + Fixed a seam on the female version.


[To Install]:

Individual instructions are provided within each pack. Know that, as of now, they are only accessible via console. My apologies.

- Notes: -

If you don't know what the console is or need help enabling it, read this.

Or better yet, watch this.

[To Uninstall]:


Simply delete the [Ancestral Robes/Armor] folder from your override directory.

[Thank Yous]

-Thanks to Bioware.
-Thanks to the Nexus for the modding platform.
-Many thanks to the various modders who share their work and knowledge with the rest of us, you're awesome. :3
-LapisLazzuli, without her work (and her generosity) the armors would not have been available to both genders, thank you!

[Credits/Tools used]
-Adobe Photoshop
-Nvidia DDS Plugin
-Ndo Normal Map Plugin
-DA Normal Map and Height Map Converter
-Tmp's Lightwave Plugin
-Tazpn's Command Line Tools
-GUI for tazpn's Command Line Tools
-Lapislazzuli's Complete Warden armour pack
-Gibbed Bioware .erf Packer
-Sunnie's Console Delivery Script
-Fantasy Stock