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Recolor of Bethay\'s Warden Armor. Now a stand alone file with armor for male.

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Update 10/2/11:

I uploaded a stand alone version which includes the male warden armor from Legacy. The file that had the Carver recolor in the male slot is now under old files. I will be making a mod in at some point using the carver retexture.

Update 7/29/11
With Legacy installed, the male mages now have a texture with the warden armor. This only works for replacements, not stand alone files. Blight Buster Champion file is a replacement for Bethany's Warden armor. It includes the itemvariation.gda to replace the Champion Mage armor with the Warden Mage. You can edit that and have it replace whichever armor you like. It uses the old pants, I don't think the studded spandex is appropriate for the guys.

Also removed the helm from the item variation on the replacement set. Bethay's armor doesn't come with helm and it was causing problems. You can download the stand alone version and equip that helm if you like

Update 7/28/11:
I didn't like the dowdy pants, so I made a sexier spandexy thing with metal stud thingies. I also included a recolor of Carver's armor for the male. The boots & gloves are invisible on the male, but this allows Carver's armor to show through properly.

Edit 7/7/11:
Stand alone version is up. To install, place Blight buster mage folder in override and:
runscript bbmage

Is only for females, although males can equip the hood.

Place Rak_BethanyWarden.erf in:
...\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override

This will replace Bethany's Warden armor. It includes the gloves and boots.

You can also edit your "item_variation.gda" file and replace any armor you do not care for with Bethany's Warden armor, and this will appear. As of yet, there is no texture for males, so it will appear invisible if you try to equip on a male.