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A new set of armor

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Merrill and Bethanys robes replacement. No stats, just the looks. Replaces Merrills first and post romance robes. Replaces Bethanys first attire. Unrar and put into override.
Thanks a lot to ishmaeltheforsaken for elf armor mesh! :)
Merrill robe replacer is not compatible with DA2 Equip Your Party by Dragonagefun.

Version 1.1: added hood to the set, item set bonus (for mage version) works fine (GJ to Vadik, thanks again!) , fixed gloves texture (not perfect, but looks a little better), added one more rune slot to the robe and boots.

Added version for rogues.

The mod adds to the game the armor set (robe, hood, boots and gloves) FOR A HUMAN FEMALE (ONLY!) mage or rogue. It appears in the inventory after the installation of the mod (once) or after starting a new game. Stats: improves with level-up.

Download and unpack
Place 'Anthracite Robe 1.1' folder to documents/BioWare/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override

If you update the mod:
Delete the old version (1.0) of the mod from override.
Place 'Anthracite Robe 1.1' folder to documents/BioWare/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override

IMPORTANT: The mod adds robe to the game only once, so you won't receive it twice no matter what version it is.
So, install 1.1 and load the save PRIOR installation of version 1.0. otherwise the game won't see the difference and you'll receive only a hood.
Or you can do this: delete mod at all, load the game, save it (without the mod), install version 1.1 - load again - here it is in your inventory :)

Delete 'Anthracite Robe' folder

Credits & Thanks:
Vadik (Morozik75) - for doing all the scripting work and for support!