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Adds 24 new weapon and armor runes and their recipes to the game world.

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Updated June 6: Minor balance tweaks to Vigor, Vitality, Redoubt, Shadow and Exaltation runes, and full incorporation of IN1's Restored Items mod.

Updated May 2: Added Kinslaying, Exaltation and Banishment weapon runes, dealing bonus damage to humans, qunari and fade creatures, respectively, and the Arlathan Echo Shard, an endgame unique alternative to Primeval Lyrium that should be particularly useful to Absolution rogues and Blade of Mercy warriors.

Updated April 22: Fixed some store inventories, added Deft and Agility runes as armor alternatives to Cunning and Passage as per request (also, renamed Cunning to Guile, for clarity since there's already a Cunning stat)

Updated April 18: Fixed tendency of Shadow and Reflect runes to vanish on reload, and Grace runes to transform into Accuracy runes on reload. Runes of Redoubt should now be craftable as well. (Fair warning, they're a little OP if you stick them on Aveline. Haven't figured out a graceful way to balance them yet.)

Updated April 14: Fixed Disruption design and erroneous Redoubt design description, tweaked some icons, and gave Torpor's Barrier Rune a unique icon and mild boost to make it more in keeping with the story significance of gaining it.

This mod adds 23 new weapon and armor runes with fully-functional recipes and distinct icons, as well as 4 new unique runes and the created-but-cut Celestial rune, all fully integrated into the game via stores, quest rewards and creature drops. Ever wanted a way to boost a mage's Fortitude without taking Force Mage, or boost Fernis' threat generation when he's too low-level for Bravery, or get Aveline's attack to some reasonable number without burning mana on Heroic Aura? Want no longer! There are runes for that now! Magic resist? Chance to stun? Lockpicking boosts? We've got it all. There's even a rune of Luck to improve equipment drops, for those who don't have Black Emporium's Runes of Fortune or just want to mix up the moneymaking a little.

This mod will work best with a new game, since most of the new designs are found in stores, and store inventories are set the first time you enter an area. But Hubert will sell any design drops you missed, so any time prior to the start of Act III you can still get all the designs. Or you can use the console codes. ;)