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This mod unlocks equipment slots for companions and populates the world with several unique armors for each of them.

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Substantial update to DFA - Armors for All! Now supports heavy armors for both genders of elf, medium armor for male elves, light armor for female elves, hoods and helmets for all of the above, AND DLC armors.

Updated DFA - No Helms to allow for the new MotA armor sets to correctly apply their boni

Added optional file for Tallis from the Mark of the Assassin DLC. Install this file before initiating the DLC (you can have the DLC installed, but for everything to work properly, you need to install the DFA - Tallis file before clicking on the statue in your home).

To install, just put the .erf in packages\core\override\Diversified Follower Armors with the rest of the files

Ish's Armor's for All now includes light armors for female elves

Added new file, "DFA - no helmets" by request; extract it and drop the folder in your Override directory same as anything else. Helmets will now be found in the "Other" section of the inventory and won't appear in the helmet slot of the paperdoll. You won't be able to unequip your helmet except by equipping one over top of it. But, helmets won't show up on your characters. Credit to dragonagefun regarding how it works.


What Does This Mod Do?

This mod does many things. First, it unlocks equipment slots for the companions, allowing you to equip your party with anything you find (within the limits imposed by stat and class restrictins). I added this feature so that the end-user didn't have to do anything but install my mod to make it work.

Second, it replaces the game's default companion armor upgrades with unique chestpieces based on the companion's unique outfit(s). For example, when first acquiring an upgrade for Merrill, you will not get an upgrade to her follower armor. Instead, you will recieve a new armor, restricted to Merrill, with appropriate stats and a unique appearance.

Third, it replaces the companion armors themselves with chestpieces that don't have any magical properties, but that scale to the follower's level. This does several things. It eliminates the issue of follower armor stats stacking with normal armor stats. It also ensures that you'll always be able to give your companions their unique appearances with level-appropriate armor values. I added this feature because I realized that most companions don't recieve their first upgrade until Act II, leaving them either naked or with invisible bodies due to wearing armor that doesn't support their race.