Dragon Age 2
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Adds 23 new natural hair colors to character generation.

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DA2 gave us a big step up from DA:O in terms of eye color selection, and a minor step up in terms of skin color selection, and a huge step back in terms of hair color selection. This is my attempt to rectify that oversight, with 23 new shades of varying blonde, brown, red and even a few slightly less neon versions of white and grey.

I may add more colors on the lighter end of the spectrum in later versions, it's slanted a bit heavily toward dark browns at the moment (I play mostly dark-skinned Hawkes, and I mod from my own necessity, sorry), but as-is it's already a lot of choices for the crappy arrow-less slider system, so we'll see. The only sure thing is, there will never be any fantasy colors. Too much hassle with the way tints behave with the new DA:2 hair.