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Changes a female Hawke\'s movement animation from a sashaying softie to the more utilitarian moves of a male character. Update: Now includes a male to female animation swap for laughs

Permissions and credits
== Introduction ==

Basically this mod swaps the female Hawke's usual movement animation to the male version. If you are like me and detest how the (future) Champion of Kirkwall waltzes around like she's about to break in half at any moment, then this mod is definitely for you.

'Cause no one said you can't be sexy whilst still walking like a normal human being.

IMPORTANT: I recommend using the new main file, called female to male animation which completely overhauls the movement and idle animations of a female Hawke to get rid of that awkward pause when she stops and reverts to a generic female idle model.

== Versions ==

Version 1.1b - Completely replaces both female Hawke movement AND idle animations, to get rid of the pause when she reverts back to the female idle animation from the previous version. Note, use either version, not both concurrently. Now also includes a requested file that boosts movement speed of Hawke by 50% out of combat. Read the readme included in the download for more details.

Version 1.1c - Joke Mod. I made a silly crack about how a male Hawke would look with a female movement animation instead and now I'm putting my money where my mouth is. Trust me when I say it's effing hilarious! Now, even more so, considering I gave a male Hawke female idle animations. Take that Isabela!

== Compatibility ==

Doesn't work with my own Armor at Home mod, or those that modify movement speeds. If you want to combine the effects from any of those mods, make a request and I'll upload additional files.

== Credits ==

To Mephales on BSN for his pyGFF editor

== Installation ==

Drag'n'drop the apr_base_fmoveanim.gda file into your Documents\...\override folder

Remember none of the files are compatible with each other. So, make your choice and install only that particular file.

P.S. Don't forget to endorse if you like it!