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Replaces the default companion weapons with evolving versions that have hand-picked stats and visuals.

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* (S)abal's (C)ompanion (W)weapons (P)ack *

The default weapons that companions come with are pretty much useless.

A few other people have already uploaded their own evolving versions, but I found such items and weapon packs put together in a completely haphazzard manner. I felt that each companion should have a weapon that reflects their personality and playstyle, and Bioware cheated us in this regard, not even including the backstory for said weapons (with the exception of Bianca).

This mod seeks to rectify the situation.

I've hand-tailored each weapon according to the companion in question, and given each of the items a different 3D model (one which, hopefully, corresponds better to said companion's theme, playstyle, personality, and overall presence).

The descriptions themselves are a bit verbose (and that's an understatement), but I'm forever nostalgic of the Baldur's Gate II era when the item descriptions drew you into the world through little tidbits of history and lore about the item you were examining. Sadly, DA2 has too little of this, and so I crafted small backstories for each weapon. Hopefully, you'll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Also, I did my best to keep the weapons relatively moderate in power - they're strong, they evolve, and they have pretty good stats, but you won't be able to one-shot enemies with them. Also, some have many rune slots while some have none - this was done to hopefully balance everything out (more passive stats = less rune slots).

Finally, you should see the images to see the changes.

If you decide to download the mod, you'll find detailed install instructions in the readme file, so I won't take up anymore space here with that information. Just note that you'll need Vaddi if you plan to spawn the new items into an ongoing game (or use pyGFF, but that's annoying).

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Update: v1.1
- cleaned up the descriptions
- squashed a few typos in the text
- included seperate .erfs with no text
- nerfed some of the more powerful items
- uploaded new pics with polished backstories